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good bye show-me state

I'm getting ready to leave for my flight to San Antonio, Texas on Sunday. I'll be there for training until the 25th or 26th (they'll tell us once we get there). That's when I'll depart for Mexico City!

I had quite a week in the big MO
Monday I jumped right in to the doctors appointments & shots for preparation. I felt like I was 10 at the dentist because the person cleaning my teeth said i had beautiful teeth and i was the easiest clean she had all morning. I told her I would tell my mom. I did. And she was proud =)
I went over to Jess & Jarritt's to help bake zucchini bread (in heart molds) for their reception. I got in some drive time on county roads with LOUD music =) Then I watched as the sun set over rolling hills of fields full of cows as I made my way along a gravel road on the
way to their house. I made it. I left to the sound of crickets and I mean it. I walked out the door and said, "I'm not used to this sound." They both commented on how much they love it...
This is when i found out i'm walking with someone obnoxious at their wedding. that may not be the exact word they used, but that's what their faces said. i was like why are you telling me this? just throw it at me friday. then they said they have me with him because they knew i could handle him. i think it'll be fun.
Tuesday Started off the day with a nice levee run in the big field... running in ste. gen is a whole different ball game. everyone stares out their car at you to see who you are/who your parents are/who
your grandparents are
Headed to St. Louis for a segway tour of downtown =) the only trivia i knew was abo
ut the cards. we rode through the rain, but it wasn't TOO bad. I kept thinking when sarah, bryan, karen & i were at anheuser busch and i was reciting my tour from my job in high school (i was a tour guide). bryan said, "i think if you gave me a few minutes i could get the hang of it again" (he gave tours on segways). Sarah thought it was SO funny.
then the muny we got there and ended up leaving because of rain...not sure if the show was rained out or not
Wednesday Karen & I went to brunch. Our waiter told us we were awesome and when he walked away karen said she wasn't sure what we did to be awesome, but we'll take it =)
Watched the end of the Cards game on TV, which ended up being 3 hours long =) We started watching at the bottom of the 7th. It was definitely a suspenseful one-very good game. It even drew a crowd. Dad & I were watching and I think in the 14th inning Mom came in too. Cards won in the 15th with a walk-off hit by Pujols!
Cardinals game was the big highlight! We didn't end up with a win, but you can't win 'em all. Holliday hit his first homerun as a cardinal! There were 2 cardinal homeruns which is always exciting... especially when you can see the fireworks. =) Had some delicious peanuts and throughly enjoyed crunching them under my feet.

I kind-of feel like a nomad right now. Chicago to Ste. Gen to Texas and then soon to D.F. While we were waiting to skydive Patrick asked me where I was from. What an interesting question at that moment when all my stuff was in the truck in the parking lot. So I attempted to quickly explain (i'm practicing a new skill of getting to the point when i tell a story... still not very good). The other instructor on my other side said, "So basically right now you're homeless." I said, "exactly." Why didn't I think to say that? =)

basically the rest of my time home is wedding stuff...


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