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Week in Houston

My week did not have a strong start.  Here's a tiny look at the beginning:

-wake-up call at 5 Monday to get to the airport for my flight
-flight took off a bit late and then during the flight the pilot comes on the PA to announce we are having mechanical issues and turning around to land in St. Louis
-we all had to get off the plane & wait for another plane to come 3 hours later.  At first, I chatted with Karen and we discussed her coming to the airport to have lunch with me, but that didn't work out so I ended up waiting around working in the STL airport for 3 hours.  As I told Karen, "At least I'm with my peeps."  (Cardinals fans were everywhere!)
-I finally arrived to meet my co-worker in Houston to find my thought that we would be spending at least 12 hours in the hospital everyday working confirmed.  *Sigh*
-my co-worker and I had all kinds of negative energy going on
-I got up to run Tuesday morning in the dark.  I was so excited to have a running path nearby.  Within the first half mile, I twisted my ankle.  Awesome when I'm going to be walking all hours of the day for the week.  *Sigh*  Then I got lost and ended up running much further than anticipated, but I found my way back, no problem, I just went further than I planned.
I met my co-worker, Debbie, Tuesday morning and took two steps before she said, "What happened here?"  As I limped along... Tuesday was a very long day, ending with a very swollen foot.

But then.
Tuesday morning I sat in the lobby of the hospital for a couple minutes, waiting for Debbie, with my foot propped up on my cart

I was immediately approached by someone in the lobby, "Habla español?" You speak spanish?  I said, "Poquito." A little. And an instant look of relief came over the mom's face as she held her crying child.  I was honestly surprised she even asked me.  I mean, I'm a guerita.  I guess it's assumed most people here speak at least a little spanish.  I could honestly never live here without some understanding.  I swear half the patients at that hospital spoke spanish.  I actually really enjoyed being around so much spanish.
Basically she didn't know if she was in the right place (her appointment information was all printed in english).  Luckily, I knew where it was and could give her directions.
Yay!  I liked that & it made my mood way better!
I'm also glad I can understand spanish since I worked with interpreters all week and they pretty much only spoke spanish to each other.  Whew.

Then the week started to get better. 
The bonding that happens during implementations and reaching the point of pure exhaustion and robotic mode was on strong as Debbie said, "We're giggling like a bunch of school girls."  So much better to travel with someone!  We made friends everywhere we went.  And I like people who think I am funny (because I'm really not funny, which is fine) and Debbie thinks I'm funny!
I swear, I need to use that girl as a wing woman.  She would be amazing.

Yes, I was only at the hospital, running path, and hotel (which was 2 blocks from the hospital).  Oh, and one night we went out to dinner outside of the hotel.  But I have now technically been to Houston.  I did really appreciate the heat and humidity.  Yes please!  Everyone there complained about them both & I just said how much I like it!!!
Why have I been to 3 of the 4 main cities in Texas and the one I actually want to visit is the one I haven't been to?  I want to go to Austin! 

This is all I saw of downtown.  Yes, this photo was taken out of the hospital window.
did I mention I was at a Children's Hospital?  So I spent my week with sick kids or pregnant ladies.
I'm looking forward to sleeping & somehow I ended up as a leader for Chicago Cares Serve-A-Thon tomorrow.  Looks like I'm assigned to an elementary school where we'll be doing a lot of painting, tiling mosaics, and canvasing murals.  I'm excited for that too, actually like a lot excited.
Sooooo tired.  I have a pretty packed weekend, but the #1 assignment is to piece myself back together before tearing myself apart again next week.

And here's a few random musings because I feel like it it's Friday:
song of my moment

I know we're all used to seeing water fountains at two different heights, but Houston Hobby airport has ya'll beat.  

The majority of NICU, Labor & Delivery, Mother/Baby units are all decorated beautifully with wonderful photographs.  (Usually of adorable babies.)  This week they had beautiful flowers.  I couldn't get over how crisp the photos were and the depth of field in each and every one.  I kept commenting to the interpreter who was walking around with me during night shift one night.  At the end we had met up with Debbie and her interpreter when I declared which one was my favorite.  Debbie said, "take a photo."  Done.  As I said, "Yeah, I'm classy like that."
And remember that while there will be plenty of signposts along your path directing you to make money and climb up the ladder, there will be almost no signposts reminding you to stay connected to the essence of who you are, to take care of yourself along the way, to reach out to others, to pause to wonder, and to connect to that place from which everything is possible. "Give me a place to stand," my Greek compatriot Archimedes said, "and I will move the world."


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