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Charleston Bachelorette Destination

I can definitely tell you one thing about Charleston, SC:  it is a bachelor/bachelorette destination!  

There was another bachelorette & a bachelor on our plane ride there.  And it seemed anytime we went somewhere downtown we saw at least one group.  Saturday brunch: 1 bachelor, 2 other bachelorettes.  Saturday dinner:  1 bachelor, 1 other bachelorette.  Going out Saturday night was literally countless.  They were everywhere!
With that said, they definitely cater to these groups.  Without any level of contempt servers would almost state, "Separate checks?"  Sort-of phrasing it as a question, just for confirmation.  It was pretty great, not going to lie.

So here are some photos:

Four of us flew out of Chicago and made use of our drink tickets :)  We sat across from each other and there was a lady sitting next to Sarah & I who I immediately explained we were on a bachelorette party and she warmed right up to us as we giggled the plane ride away.
Friday night we had tickets to a Hootie & the Blowfish concert, which was conveniently walkable from Kelly's parents' house.  (Kelly's the bachelorette.)  I can't say I'm really a fan, but I was always the first to accompany any girls to the bar or bathroom and I enjoyed myself.

There was a lot of football talk I didn't understand, yelling about different teams and such so I finally leaned over to Sarah and said, "Go DePaul."  We just laughed.  And looked at the Southern Boys surrounding us.
Saturday we were ready for some time downtown Charleston!

First stop:  brunch at Lowcountry Bistro.  We waited about 10 minutes for a party of 9!  A-ok with me!  And it was delicious.

We walked through the Charleston City Market & down King Street before the rain started.  We ran to the cars and went back to the house to hang out and get ready for a night on the town!

BTW Brittany swears River Street Sweets has the best pralines!  I had a bite of the chocolate coated one and it was pretty lovely.  (Hey Mom, apparently it's in Savannah too!)
Dinner at Fleet Landing was delicious.  Definitely the best vegetarian food I've had at a seafood restaurant.  We had reservations, but definitely group friendly.
After dinner we headed over to Upper King Street to hit up a few bars, but on the way we stopped at Market Pavilion Hotel for some class and fancy drinks for a first stop.
Once we got to King Street we went to Stars (with an amazing rooftop, which we had to wait in line to get up there), L.I.F.E (we went in because they offered us free champagne), and Republic (we had to pay a $5 cover and wait in line, but this place was packed and where you go to dance).

Fun Story:  as we were leaving the restaurant, there was a huge puddle with a small wood plank across the puddle.  There really wasn't another way to cross the street except over this plank.  (It was a big puddle.)  So I jumped right on and balanced my way across.  (Full disclosure:  I was wearing flats.)  Some of the other girls were a bit nervous so we created a system:  Andie held the plank on the already crossed side and I stood at the very edge of the puddle to grab the girls hands as they crossed.  I just kept saying:  2 steps and grab my hand.
No one touched the puddle.  
Free champagne 
Team Bride
Sunday we went out for brunch in Mount Pleasant at Old Village Post House with a couple of Kelly's brothers.  It was delicious.  Sarah said it was her favorite.
plane ride home...we were a bit delayed ;)
Overall a successful weekend.  I did a lot of braiding.  So much braiding I think I forget how much braiding I did.  I fell asleep chatting with Sarah every night, whether we were giggling or having discussions.  We all learned from Kaitlin to purchase Cover Girl's lipstain.  She wore this great color and I don't think she had to reapply once. (she's wearing the blue dress in the group pic in case you want to see)  Literally all of us said we're going to buy one.  We wore bracelets, sunglasses, and buttons as a group they were all from Claire's or Icing.
And, yes, it was nice and hot & humid for me.  
It was lovely.


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