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Happy Birthday, Karen!

Today, my big sister, Karen is 30!

Happy Birthday, Karen!

I'm so lucky to have you as my sister.  Yes, you drive me crazy, but you're so caring!

You come over when I'm on what feels like my deathbed and force medicine down my throat while you do dances in my bedroom.  
Then you come back hours later to check on me and yell at me for leaving my door unlocked.  I respond whining, "I can't move."

We always fight about everything, including a comfortable temperature, and forget/laugh about it 5 minutes later.

You understand that I'm the messy one & only sometimes call me out on it.  
Last weekend:
Me:  My place is a disaster, don't come over.  I'm living in squalor.
You:  rather softly It's always a bit messy.
Whereas, you never have a dirty dish in the sink and it makes you anxious to have anything out of place or random papers on a surface.

We used to draw lines across our floor when we shared a room so the other person couldn't cross.
Then we got our own rooms and developed a knocking system which had different meanings (our closets shared a wall so we would have to climb in the closet to knock back and forth).  Generally the knocks would mean, open your window, so we would then yell back and forth.
Now we don't think twice about sharing a bed.

You keep me informed on all things facebook and reality TV.  (Even though you know I don't care.)

You know my faces and call me out on them all. the. time.
Remember my "mad face" in high school?

In high school when you drove me to school and I could not listen to your Backstreet Boyz cd one. more. time. and I hid it (in your car).  When you found it months later I don't even remember you being mad.  You got where I was coming from.
And then put it in the portable cd player that we had the connector for the tape player.  Who remembers these?

You try my cooking.  Unless I say it's slightly spicy then you avoid it because you know you won't be able to handle it.  (Most normal people would agree.)

You put up with me talking with my mouth full, even though you think it's rude & it drives you crazy.  But you'll sit there looking at your food while we're on the phone, even if you're starving.  Until finally I'll say "You're in a bad mood" and you say, "I'm so hungry." and you just told me you got food.  Me:  "Eat then."  You:  "Ok I have to go."

I know I can call you out on anything.  Sometimes a bit too directly for your liking.
You're always there to help me with anything.  When I'm complaining, you're first reaction is, "What can I do?"  Even if it has nothing to do with you and you can't do anything.


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